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4 Models of Ceramic Walls, Bathroom, and Kitchen

Material selection in interior design is very important because it is part of the unity of the final design. Ceramic is a popular material used because it is efficient, durable and also easy to maintain. Without you knowing that ceramics as an interior finishing material can give its own meaning to the overall appearance of the room.

As the development of technology and the increasingly diverse tastes of people, ceramic models also already have a wide variety of variations. Both in terms of color, motifs, texture, size or location flexibility. If you are looking for ceramics with good quality and design, you can just go to Amber Tiles.

For example, what kind of ceramic model is suitable for walls? Or is it safe to choose a glossy bathroom ceramic model? Not only the results of manufacturing in large quantities, but there are also some ceramic models that are specifically designed with a limited amount. Interested in taking a peek at some ceramic models that suit your home style that you like? Here are some models that can be used as a reference, create a ceramic look that is not only functional but also gives aesthetic value to your home!

  1. Color Gradation on Wall Ceramic Models

For those of you who want to get a room with a wider or higher impression. Ceramic wall models with large slab sizes with very thin grout can be one of the best choices. Like the idea of ​​color gradations on this ceramic wall model by an Italian designer, where one slab is different from the other. Colors that match this effect are bright colors like pastel colors. The sparkling effect also gives the impression of being clean and a little reflection created also gives the value of modern and sophisticated design. You can combine and match the finishing of paint in one color tone that is the same or close together to create a harmonious end result.

  • Traditional and Contemporary Bathroom Ceramic Models

This bathroom ceramic model presented on the bathroom walls and the floor is a model with an eclectic design concept, a blend of traditional and contemporary styles. Suitable for those of you who like a modern style but want to balance it with vintage accents such as blue and yellow walnut printed ceramics. Inspired by the colors of concrete and natural stone, the gray bathroom ceramic model that is adjacent to the yellow-blue ceramic is also present to show the modern and natural impression of the room.

Like a creative game to display two different timelines at once, this bathroom ceramic model is side by side to provide a balance between picture motifs and plain surfaces. You can choose furniture with natural materials such as wood, bamboo or with bright colors like white and cream to balance it with this ceramic model!

  • Monochromatic Chevron Pattern Ceramic Models

In addition to playing motifs in designing ceramic models, you can also choose ceramic models with unique patterns or shapes such as ceramic diamonds (chevron). Specifically, in choosing a ceramic kitchen model, especially the backsplash part of a kitchen island is an area that can be modified, one of them by choosing an unusual square or square shape. Monochromatic colors like white, gray and black are neutral colors that can further highlight the shape of this quite unique kitchen ceramic model. Suitable for accents on some or all of one of your kitchen fields.

  • Art Deco Art Deco Floor

The Art-Deco interior style was very popular in the 1920s – 1930s. Adapting the art deco style into modern designs can also be a special color for your home interior style. Ceramic floor models with hexagonal patterns with colors and textures printed in this way can make your floor like a work of art! To avoid the impression that is too crowded and disturbing eyes, choose furniture with plain colors or white base color finishing for the walls of the room. This floor tile model can also be used as an accent in a particular corner or area for example only the middle of the room or just the hallway of your home. Can also be created with plain ceramics or wood parquet, you are free to pour creativity!

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