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7 Inspiration the Most Beautiful Living Room Chandelier. Glamorous!

If you want to impress guests visiting the house, the living room is an area that must be considered first. Because this room is the first area that will be considered in detail after the facade of the house. One aspect that can make this room look attractive is the presence of a living room chandelier. Luminous and positioned in the middle of the room, this criterion makes the chandelier the center of attention of a room. Therefore, it is not strange if guests will pay attention to this part carefully.

If you are looking for the best lamp inspiration, the Flos is the right choice for you. We have prepared a number of inspirations that can be used as references. Let’s look at the review!

  1. 1 Not Enough? Why Not 4?

Most living rooms only have 1 chandelier in the living room. However, not for this one living room. If you can install 4, why only install 1? The application of unusual lights makes this room look fresh and has character. Interested in using this one idea?

  • Unique Design Suitable for Ice Breaking

The living room is a space for conversation with guests who visit. However, sometimes you will have difficulty finding interesting topics to talk about. This lamp design seems to be a powerful “tool” opening topic. The design that is arguably unique will make guests unable to resist the conversation that began by asking the origin of the lamp.

  • Unique Concepts That Make the Room More Characteristic

The living room chandelier does not have to always be hung on the ceiling. “Hanging” the lamp on the wall might be a brilliant idea for you who want to make the room look more character. In addition to being unique, its fresh appearance makes a simple living room lighting model suitable for a variety of interior styles.

  • A Classic Style that is Not Ageless

For those of you who are not adventurous, this simple style lamp can be an option. Combined with similar style furniture, the classic atmosphere emitted will give a homey impression that is needed in every living room.

  • Shining Living Room Chandelier Model

The room needs a focal point to make it more interesting. If you are confused looking for a character focal point, this unique chandelier you can make a choice. The unusual design makes the room not seem boring. When viewed at a glance, these lights look like frozen fireworks spark. Of course, you don’t want to miss this one design adorning the center of your living room, right?

  • Thinking Outside the Box

If the chandelier is usually positioned in the middle of the room, it turns out that storing it in another area can have a different effect. Like this one living room, modern minimalist chandeliers positioned behind the sofa trying to highlight the bookshelf you want to display. If you have a certain area that you want to be the center of attention, positioning the lights with this method can be a solution.

  • Crazy About the Unusual Design

The living room is a suitable area to show your personality. If you do have a slightly crazy design idea, don’t be afraid to show it to the furniture you choose. For example, you can copy the design of this chandelier.

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