When you or a family member has been in an automobile accident, it can be difficult to comprehend what exactly to do next. However, an impulsive, quick response is usually necessary when dealing with a serious accident. It’s critical in such situations to select an experienced attorney to guide you through the steps at hand. This article briefly discusses some of the most important factors that will affect your representation.

* Impairment – Most car accidents involve some type of impairment to the victim that impairs him or her from performing the usual tasks required of them on a day-to-day basis. Examples of common impairments include alcohol or drug impairment, behavioral impairment (such as texting or talking on a cell phone while driving), and cognitive impairment (such as seeing a side-effect of the medication the patient is taking). Other less common causes of impairment include extreme fatigue, the effects of a traumatic brain injury, and medical conditions that render the victim unable to perform basic tasks. In all cases, the ultimate goal is to pursue an appropriate case against the responsible party.

* Rear-end Collisions – Another typical cause of car accident injury is rear-end collisions. Although this may seem like an obvious reason for causing the accident, there are actually some exceptions to this rule. For instance, some states consider rear-end collisions as being a matter of negligence. If this is the case, then the responsible party may be liable for monetary damages even if they were not at fault in the beginning of the crash.

* Distracted Driving – Although the leading causes of injury related to distracted driving are speeding or talking on a mobile phone, there are still other common causes. In fact, studies have shown that many drivers involved in head-on collisions are suffering from the symptoms of various impairments due to being distracted by cellular phones, hand-held cell phones, and other communication devices. This can range from the temporary loss of focus and alertness to more serious issues such as lapses in judgment, confusion, and even fainting.

* Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) – While most side-impact crashes are the result of texting and talking, there are still some instances where the driver was using handheld mobile devices such as PDAs or smart phones. In the case of text messaging and cellular device use, the courts have held that there is a certain level of responsibility because the user is creating a clear and present danger by engaging in what is known as destructive technology. Commonly referred to as ADHD or ‘neuro-linguistic programming,’ the use of these devices decreases focus and attention span, which in turn can create a very real and dangerous danger. The most common types of ADHD include hyperactivity, inattention, and impulsiveness. The use of hand-held cell phones while driving creates another set of issues, because they can also distract drivers, as well. Studies of ADHD have revealed that even the effects of a relatively low level of the substance in a child’s blood can cause the problem, so keeping cell phones, PDAs, and other similar devices away from your child’s ears is important if you want to limit the risk of this impairment.

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* Impairment Due to Drugs or Alcohol – With the number of prescription and illegal drugs on the rise, there is also a growing concern about the effects that these medications may have on drivers. There are several common causes of impairment caused by drugs or alcohol, and these include but are not limited to heart problems, hypertension, insomnia, depression, and stuttering. Although these problems may seem relatively harmless, they can actually lead to slower reaction times, which in turn, create the situation that is known as distracted driving. This is when a driver is operating their vehicle in a manner that is obviously distracted by a myriad of things. Side-impact crashes are often a result of someone being distracted by alcohol or drugs, and these cases are typically the ones that end up in court.

* Car Accident Lawyers Cause Injuries Due to Poor Safety Practices – When a driver makes certain safety precautions, but does not take advantage of them, they may be putting themselves at greater risk for injuries due to their own carelessness. For example, seat belts are designed to protect drivers from crushing or absorbing the shock of an impact, but many vehicles do not use them. When the belt is used, it is not uncommon for the person wearing it to suddenly suffer an injury. As such, it is vital that people use boston car accident lawyer to pursue liability for injuries caused by their own poor safety habits.

* Car Accident Lawyers Cause Injuries Due to Unsafe Vehicle Operation – Many cars are sold with so-called “tune-ups” that can help them avoid being totaled during a crash. However, some car accident lawyers have found that these tune-ups sometimes do more harm than good. For instance, a car might work better when it is cold, not when it is wet and slick. A driver who obtains a permit to operate an off-road vehicle on snow or ice can be at increased risk for serious injury in an accident. In addition, certain vehicles are manufactured with lower profile engines that put the driver at greater risk for serious bodily injury or death.

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