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How to Hire your Household Staff Efficiently?

It is not easy to find someone you trust so, it is better to ask people around you to recommend someone. There are two kinds of employees: the ones you have to house and feed, and the ones who stay at your place only about 44 hours a week. In any case, it is important to hire qualified, competent and meticulous people. But as you already know, it is easier said than done. Here are the best tips to find the perfect household staff.

Ways to Find Qualified Household Staff

More and more people are interested in finding the best ways to find qualified housekeepers. How? Where? Who? We will answer all of these questions.

Via an Employment Agency

Forming entire household staff is more complicated than hiring only one housekeeper. Candidates are rarer and the demand is getting higher in time. Aware of this scarcity, agencies are specialized in hunting this type of profile against remuneration. But they allow you to find a governess, a butler and multi-skills housekeepers that will meet your expectations. Plus, there are reliable web sites that propose the same service. You just have to go on the request staff section and receive the most relevant suggestions.

By Word of Mouth

As always in this sector, word of mouth is widely used. It still can allow you to find a qualified house workers and may be sharing their hours with an acquaintance if that is what you need. Do not forget that you will leave the keys of your house at the care of your household staff. It is crucial to make sure that they deserve your whole trust. Thus, it is better to ask recommendations from someone you really know and in whom you trust.

By Posting Housekeeper Ads

You can also decide to do all the recruiting work yourself! Many internet platforms allow you to post an ad to find a domestic worker. Remember to check 3 points: that the candidate’s papers are in order, the experiences mentioned in their CV match your expectations and finally, make 2 reference calls to former employers. Job boards are currently efficient to find a new housekeeper. But you can also use some social media like Facebook.

Hire High-Grade Household Staff

Necessarily, everything has a price! Opting for luxury household staff is not within the reach of every budget. These employees, very in demand and accustomed to a high-end clientele, are also used to being compensated for the quality of their work. High-grade candidates are effective and trustworthy but their services are expensive. But if you can afford it and are willing to pay one or two thousands of dollars a month for each employee, do not deprive yourself!

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