How to Potty Training Well?

Potty TrainingPotty training is the process of introducing a toilet and training your child to use the toilet. This process sometimes does not go as smoothly as you’d expect. However, you do not need to worry because this is a common occurrence. Introduce the toilet to the child is not easy. This is a process that requires your patience in every process. Here are some things that you should consider when giving training potty to your child.

Wait Until Your Child Is Ready!

When did you have to teach your child to use the toilet? Learning to use the toilet for your child is no age limit. There is no set time for sure because each child has their own readiness period. Therefore it is better if you wait until your child is really ready to use the toilet. Generally, children begin to show the readiness to be trained from the age of 1.5 years. However, it is not a little that child is really ready to be trained by the age of 3 or 4 years. Start slowly and observe the potty training trials for 1 week.

Don’t Rush!

You have to be patient in the process of potty training. A range of measures on the use of the toilet for your child definitely need a long time. Your child will not be able to master all of training in just a few days, especially if they want to urinate at night. Do not force your child to learn faster, let everything go according to the wishes of children. Potty training process will be faster if the child has been properly prepared. Remember! Your child will better understand if you do it gently and full of motivation.

Praise your Child!

During the process of potty training, you must observe your child development. Get used to give praise to the child, no matter how small its development. It is intended to motivate your children so they are excited to move to the next stage. But, you also need to be careful, don’t give praise often because this will make your child quickly satisfied that cause the child doesn’t want to learn anymore.

Don’t Scold and Punish your Child!

If your child is fail in many times in the process of potty training, never once to scold or punish your child. Also, do not ever compare your child with other children because every child has different training abilities. There will be times when your child is able to control their bladder themselves.