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Is It Really Drying Your Hands with Hand Dryer Better?

Keeping hands clean is one of the most important ways to keep our bodies protected from various diseases, and not to spread germs to people around us. So many diseases that are known to be spread by the habit of not washing hands with soap and clean running water.

But what about the process of drying your hands after washing it, is this process also an important step? In fact, the process of drying your hands is an integral part, which accompanies the process of washing your hands. The process of drying hands should not be taken lightly and only modestly. This is because bacterial transmission is more likely to occur on wet hands than on dry hands. If you are looking for a hand dryer that provides fast-drying, Dyson Hand Dryers is the recommendation.

Germs can move more easily from and on wet hands. A report published by Patrick DR., Does not state that there is more bacterial movement on various types of surfaces understudy when the hands are wet.

The number of bacteria that moves progressively decreases when the hands are dried with a towel, tissue, or with a dryer. Therefore, good hand drying is also an important factor in determining the rate of bacterial movement after washing hands.

Then, how to dry hands recommended by medical? Actually, until now the best way to dry your hands had not been aimed at just one type of method. Various studies examining various ways to dry hands produce evidence that has its own conflict.

A study by Gustafson in 2000 found that drying hands with a towel, drying machine, or drying them spontaneously did not have significant differences in the benefits obtained. In another study by Dane Jensen, there was a greater amount of bacterial reduction in drying with a towel when compared to drying hands through a machine.

Nonetheless, there is more research that says that drying hands with clean towels/tissue paper can get more efficient results, clean bacteria more effectively, and result in lower environmental contamination of the toilet.

In essence, the process of drying your hands thoroughly after washing your hands is the most important thing. However, drying hands with disposable towels/tissue paper is a more recommended method with the aim of reducing the transfer of bacteria to the hands.

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