Things to Know about Self Pack International Shipping Containers

Looking for the most affordable way to move abroad, you need to consider self pack international shipping containers. This option becomes cheaper than the option of full service international freight because the services exclude packing wrapping and loading.

Customers can save money by asking their family members to pack the household things rather than paying for a service provided by shipping company.

Talking about self pack shipping containers for international moving, at least, you understand the role of the company and the movers.

self pack international shipping containers

What Is the Company’s Role?

If you plan to take the self managed international move, the company you work with commonly helps you book agent and provides advisory service.

They book the shipping container from one port to the destination port. They will also transport your container to the exact location you want. The company also organizes some export customs clearance. Make sure that you will get some advices about what to pack and how to pack them.

The shipping and the destination services are also done by the company. This means that you need to be busy to deal with relevant company in your new place.

What Is Your Role?

Because you don’t take the full service, there are some things that you need to handle. First, you need to find the right access for the container size that you need. Make sure that there is enough room for your container. You can consult the company.

You will have a restricted service because the company commonly only delivers your container to major cities nearby the destination port or some other places with reasonable access.

You must already understand that you need to pack your own goods. You need to wrap the furniture. However, there are also some shipping companies that can help you to complete this job. If you decide to pack and wrap them by yourself, you need to make sure that you give the right protection to your stuff.

Make use of furniture blankets and some packing materials, such as bubble wrap. You need to be aware of the regulation of your destination country. Make sure that it accepts your self-packed packages.

Then, you should be more prepared. You may find some additional charges to pay for. You better consult the company to find out what other expenses that you probably need to pay.

You should know the labor and material expenses because they can be in your responsibility. These expenses differ from one country to other country.